It isn’t uncommon for emotions to run high during a South Carolina divorce proceeding. Fortunately, most couples attempt to resolve their differences amicably as the process of ending their marriages unfolds. However, some individuals resort to dangerous actions such as stalking or threatening physical harm to their estranged spouses.

How to get through a toxic divorce

If you are involved in a toxic divorce, it is important to have the help of an attorney who has an idea of what to expect from your estranged spouse. Counsel will likely know to craft a child support or child custody agreement that provides as few loopholes as possible for your former partner to exploit. For example, it may be necessary to specify exactly when a child must be returned to the custodial parent or where an exchange must happen.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

Taking time for yourself each day can make it easier to care for your children or remain productive at work while engaged in a contentious divorce. Engaging in self-care might mean that you go for a run after leaving work or mediating for a few minutes just before going to bed. It is also a good idea to surround yourself with trusted family members or friends who understand what you are going through.

Regardless of how amicable or contentious you think a divorce is going to be, it is generally a good idea to have an attorney help with the case. Legal counsel might be able to help you learn more about property division laws or the factors that go into calculating spousal or child support payments. An attorney might also be able to assist in the process of obtaining physical or legal custody of your children after the divorce becomes official.