After a long day at work, many medical professionals in South Carolina like to unwind with a few drinks — and there’s no harm with that. You work hard, and you’re under a lot of stress on your job. Just be careful that your attempts to decompress don’t turn into a drunk driving charge that could eventually threaten everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. 

Many doctors, nurses and other licensed healthcare providers do not realize that incurring a DUI could put a medical license at risk of revocation, particularly if this isn’t the first time they’ve had a DUI. Our DUI attorneys have seen this happen many times, leaving medical professionals at a complete loss of how to remedy their situations. 

Licensing boards have strict rules regarding when any kind of criminal conviction has to be reported, and there’s no way to hide what happened when it comes time to renew your license. You can bet that a conviction will show up on your background report — even if you only walk away with fines. That can provoke a wide-ranging response from your licensing board, which can include an investigation into your personal life to see if you have a drug or alcohol abuse problem. The damage to your career and your reputation can be considerable.

If you’re a medical professional who is charged with drunk driving, it is wise to protect yourself against the possibility of a conviction. Acquire experienced legal guidance promptly. Your DUI attorney can help you explores proven strategies for a solid defense, which can ultimately protect your professional license as well as other aspects of your life. We encourage you to learn more about these topics by continuing to explore the DUI defense information on our website.