When a couple splits up, the one subject that’s virtually guaranteed to bring a lot of anxiety and distress is the custody of the children. A good parenting plan is key to resolving a lot of disputes before they ever get started.

As you’re thinking about the issues that you may face while co-parenting with an ex, you don’t want to overlook the issue of transportation. Long after your divorce is over, transportation issues can crop up and lead to new tensions and legal issues.

What should your parenting plan discuss? Every situation is different, but here are some suggestions:

  • Where custody exchanges should take place: Will the kids be dropped off and picked up at one house? Will the parents take turns transporting them? Will the parents meet in the middle somewhere? Should exchanges take place in a generally neutral location or is a supervised exchange necessary?
  • What kinds of safety issues need to be addressed: Are both parents required to have their own child safety seats and booster seats? Is it practical to share? Are there any other issues that need to be addressed, like not letting someone else drive the kids to without permission from the other parent or similar rules?
  • How transportation costs will be handled: This is particularly important if the parents live some distance apart and the children may have to fly back and forth for visitation.
  • What happens if a parent is late: What sort of notice needs to be provided? How long should the other parent wait? What happens if the issue becomes chronic?

You’re not being difficult by insisting on clear terms in your parenting plan. You’re actually protecting your children as well as your own interests. An experienced Lexington attorney can help you craft a parenting plan that won’t let you down later.