They say all is fair in love and war — but that’s not exactly true in a divorce. If your marriage was volatile or deeply flawed, you might fear your spouse will not play fair in your divorce. When it comes to dividing the marital assets, your partner may try to hide something.

If you are considering filing for divorce, now is the ideal time to take stock of the assets you both hold. If you and your spouse have already discussed divorce, it may already be too late if your spouse is inclined to be deceptive. You may need to do some detective work to discover any hidden assets.

If you’re concerned about foul play in your divorce, seek legal help from an experienced Lexington divorce attorney. Even if you do not understand everything about your marital finances yourself, get copies of any relevant information or records. Someone who understands these things, such as a forensic accountant, can help. These copies may provide vital evidence of any attempts to hide assets.

Tax returns, mortgage documents, loan documents, bank statements and business documents may contain information about the value of assets. If you have physical assets such as pieces of art, valuable antiques or an extensive wine collection, take photos. It may help you prove their worth if there is no documentation and your spouse has removed them. Consider if there are any safes or hiding places where your partner may have hidden money or documents. 

The law allows you to request access to any documentation of your marital assets if your spouse will not willingly give it to you. If you have doubts about their willingness to play fair, however, there is no harm in preparing for the worst by gathering information early. You may also want to speak with an experienced advocate as soon as practical.