When you get hurt in a workplace accident or develop symptoms of a work-acquired illness that keeps you from doing your job, you find yourself in the exact situation that workers’ compensation  insurance exists to address.

No one who works for a living should have to suffer severe financial hardship as a consequence of their career. Knowing what benefits you can secure through a South Carolina workers’ compensation claim can make it easier for you to plan a path toward both physical and financial recovery.

Workers’ compensation offers comprehensive medical coverage

One of the best things about workers’ compensation medical coverage is that it covers 100% of the necessary medical expenses related to your work-acquired injury or illness.

Unlike many private insurance policies, which often have co-pays, coinsurance and deductibles, there is no patient financial responsibility for medical care deemed necessary to resolve an illness or injury that results from your employment.

Disability benefits can replace a portion of your wages until you can work again

Being so hurt or sick that you can’t get to work means losing out on a paycheck, especially if you don’t have much accumulated paid time off. Injured workers in South Carolina can request temporary disability benefits through workers’ compensation that will replace two-thirds of their average weekly wage over the last year, up to a maximum amount set by the state.

These benefits end when a worker finally gets to return to work. However, in a situation where a worker cannot return to their previous job, permanent disability benefits may also be available to them. Family members can also receive a similar benefit if they lose a loved one to an illness or injury that results from a job.