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South Carolina DUI Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in South Carolina, it is essential to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. At Kinard & Jones, LLC in Lexington, our DUI defense attorney has more than 13 years of experience helping people just like you minimize the impact of a drunk driving arrest.

Local Representation You Can Trust

Most people arrested for DUI are not hardened criminals, but average people from all walks of life who may have made a mistake. Often our clients are extremely embarrassed, ashamed and fearful. We explain the legal process, the elements of a DUI case, the potential punishments, and the advantages and disadvantages of requesting a jury trial.

The consequences of a DUI can be extremely harsh and may include stiff fines, jail sentences, mandatory participation in South Carolina's Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP), license suspension and more.

Negotiating a Reduction in Charges

Those charged with drunk driving often receive traffic citations for multiple traffic law violations, including reckless driving or speeding. Our DUI attorney will negotiate to try to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed. He will represent you at the license suspension hearing and vigorously defend you against the DUI charges.

We will review the police report and the videotape of the arrest and/or booking to determine if authorities followed proper procedure and complied with applicable statutes. We will question whether the arresting officer had probable cause to stop you and whether the Breathalyzer was in proper working order.

For effective defense of drunk driving charges, you can rely on Kinard & Jones. For a free consultation, please contact us today.

From offices in Lexington, we represent clients throughout the South Carolina Midlands.